Recipients of the awards are selected by the President and Vice President during the year of the awards and one non-board member.

Fly Tyer Year

Presented to the STFF member who has promoted fly tying within and outside the club through organizing and teaching fly tying.

Fly Fisher Year

Presented to the STFF member (President and VP are not eligible) who provided outstanding support to STFF's activities during the previous year. This award is intended to recognize a member who has expended efforts consistent with STFF's mission statement.

Volunteer Year

Presented to the member who consistently volunteered to assist with various activities within the club.

Past Recipients

Fly Fisher

2020 Jim Tornillo

2019 Dick Recchia 

2018 Dick Recchia

2017 Tom Taylor

2016 Gerry Martin

2015 Ron Saiki

2014 Alan Jones

2013 Allan Craig

2012 Bill Lenheim

2011 Jim Jensen

2010 Earl Johnston

2009 Jeff Collins

2008 Jerry Marks

2007 Art Agnew

2006 R.L. "Stew" Stewart

2005 Marsha Caranci

2004 Dick Johnson

2003 Ray Burk

2002 Chip O'Brien


2020  Allan Craig

2019 Kathie Burns

2018 Tom Taylor

2017 Alan Jones

2016 Eric Steele

Fly Tyer

2020 Jan Hale

2019 John Durfee

2015 Phil Ryan

2014 Jim Gunderson

2013 Tom Taylor

2013 Ralph Lestarjette

2012 Jan Hale

2011 Benson Kanemoto

2010 Barry Caranci

2009 Robert Vanderhyde

2008 Norm Brown

2007 Alan Jones

2006 Allen Slattery

2005 Dale Huffman

2004 John Gantner

2003 Glen Pudwill

2002 Louie Klein

2001 Dick Johnson

2000 Leo Sclumpf

1999 Fred David

1998 Ray Burk

1997 Stew Stewart

1996 Rodney Cloutier

1995 John Olsen

1994 Woody Woodland

1993 Red Modeen

1992 Eric Barham

1991 Chip O'Brien